Applying of nonwoven fabric

Product description

Raw materials
High-quality polyester fiber of Belarusian and Russian manufacturers is used when manufacturing non-woven fabrics, as well as wool. The maximum amount of wool in a non-woven fabric is 80%. Materials from polyester fiber are non-allergenic, non-hygroscopic, breathable, have good physical and mechanical properties.
Canvas clamping
The properties of the nonwovens depend on the method of bonding the canvas. Our materials are fastened by mechanical (needle-punched), thermal (subjected to heat shrinkage in a thermal chamber or by calendering), chemical (by the introduction of a binder polymer), and also by combined methods.
Thermal shrinkage
Non-woven cloths, which have undergone thermal shrinkage, acquire additional strength, stretch less. Such material is more technological and easy to cut. Termobonded nonwoven materials are less deformed during exploitation.
Volumetric non-woven fabrics
Volumetric non-woven fabrics, as well as fabrics bearing the letter “L” in their marking, have high quality characteristics, elasticity, they are resistant to repeated compression.
Experimental custom development
Our technological capabilities allow us to produce non-woven materials with a surface density of 120 to 1100 g/m². We can produce materials for a customer's order, differing in parameters from standard products, for example, thickness, stiffness, color, width, physico-mechanical parameters. If you do not find the right material from our list of the main products, then tell us your requirements for the material and we, based on our capabilities, will carry out an experimental development for you.
Length and width of canvas
Nonwoven materials are produced in rolls from 20 to 150 m. depending on the surface density and customer requirements. The width of the material in a roll varies from 1.4 m to 1.7 m, depending on the type of material and customer requirements. Also, the material can be wound onto cardboard bushings and packed in polyethylene film.
All products of JSC Termoplast have Declaration of conformity of the EAC and fully meets the current market requirements. The quality control service of the enterprise, which includes a testing laboratory, ensures the stability of the quality of the finished product.